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             Dear Friends,

             We all witness that our world is undergoing a        on this issue develop designs in line with the
             huge technological revolution. This technological    certification, and put forth efforts to construct
             revolution continues with great speed particularly   buildings with minimized energy consumption.
             in the fields of communication, medical and
             information technologies.                            BORDO has adopted it as the primary mission
                                                                  to become an engineering company with this
             We cannot know the short- and long-term              awareness, and operates with this objective in
             consequences of all these developments for           mind.
             the humanity, but, within this technological
             revolution, people buy only one thing at very        We are determined to continue this mentality
             high costs: Energy.                                  in all our areas of service from MV-LV systems
                                                                  to Class A office buildings, and from hotel
             Global warming looms before us as a big threat       installations, metro electrifications to Smart
             for our world in the near future. One of the         building technologies and panel production.
             biggest problems of the engineering sciences is
             the energy conservation. Many projects sensitive     “We can have a bright future only through respect
                                                                  for the environment.”

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